There are 404 acres (163.67 hectares) on title here with over 1km of creek frontage. The land is well drained land and rises from 380 metres above sea level at the roadside gates to 600 metres at the top of the hill in the South West corner of the property.
A well designed dam at the front of the property supplies permanent water for stock, with the current owners running up to 500 fine wool Merino wethers for 38 years, prior to leasing the land to a neighbour for Angus beef production.
In addition to the main dam, the cattle have access to water from Woolshed Creek, which runs close to the roadside boundary of the property for over 1km. There's also a small second stream with willow trees in the back portion. A second smaller dam in the back section provides water for stock (and wildlife) and there was one other dam that has now become a silt trap for excessive rainfall events.
Roadside fencing is in great condition and superphosphate has been applied annually as part of the land management strategy. The cattleyards are authentic but do require some maintenance.
The property boasts plenty of tall timber for shelter for stock along with a great wood supply for personal use. Tracks wind up into the high country in the back portion of the property, best accessed in an ATV, or on motorbike.
There is a very basic ‘Nissen Hut’ with power connected and a pot belly stove, plus a small storage shed. You could potentially camp out here while you plan the country home of your dreams. There's certainly a selection of amazing house sites.
Not far from the hut is an oak tree that was planted in 1949 or 1950 by Frank and Irene Redfern, when the property was known as ‘Brookside’. We can share a history of the 'Woolshed Paddocks' by Frank, whose father owned about 1300 acres here from before 1920....but you can create your own amazing memories with your family and friends (2 and 4 legged) if you decide to make this remarkable property your home, even if it's just for the weekends.