If you’ve ever dreamed about being a farmer, this is a great opportunity to walk into an income producing farm, with most of the problems ironed out. And this is not just any farm, but a certified organic berry farm, located in Victoria’s High Country with a following of strawberry lovers who only buy their fruit. Astute purchasers could collect close to $200,000 for this Autumn's crop.
The current owners started their journey 5 years ago without experience in farming intensive horticulture, or knowledge of supply chains. But they had a clear vision of what they wanted. A visually appealing farm, providing a great working environment, and produce that people remember.
They have set up the infrastructure and sorted out the supply chain to be able to deliver fresh, high quality fruit to local markets and community stores right through to the larger Melbourne and Sydney markets.
While lifestyle was an important part of the farm, growing food that was of the highest quality possible has always been the goal and the focus on high value produce has seen their produce actively sought after by organic fruit shops in Melbourne and New South Wales.
Certified Organic and practicing regenerative farming methods, this young farm, built with no experience would be able to be handed over to the next owners, with the documented knowledge. Being certified organic, there is great documentation on how the processes work, and that would be handed over to you. The equipment has been fine tuned to suit organic farming, with modifications made for the ease of creating the beds and lifting the plastic.
Some of the hidden expenses that make this property keep its visual appeal is the 3 phase underground power to the office/shed and the high quality variable speed pump in the 75m deep licensed bore so you can irrigate your fields or turn on tap in the garden.
While many plants are touted as being ‘drought hardy’ the owners believed in giving every opportunity for plants to flourish and grow and every tree on the property is watered through quality underground irrigation with drippers to each plant. The rewards are highly visible.
While the farm has no house, there exists a fully insulated office wrapped in cool panels, and reverse cycle air conditioning. The kitchen comprises of a dishwasher, induction cooktop and oven for staff. There is a staff shower and toilet. There is opportunity to connect SkyMuster, Starlink and Foxtel. There has been a planning permit issued previously and a house site, septic, power and water tanks are already in place.
An absolutely pristine farm with no chemicals used in the gardens, the focus on sustainability, even the septic installation has been using the WormSmart worm farm, giving years of trouble free usage and the only thing that comes out, is worm wee, into the garden, and it’s also a big compost bin as well.
There is currently, an opportunity for taking over the grant to build a solar farm and reduce by up to 80%, power bills in the busy time of the year. This grant has been approved and is ready to go, so your farm could be driven by solar, further reducing the footprint.
If you wanted to build a home with a pool, there is ample water, not from the bore, but from the 330,000 litres of tanks that are filled by the 30m x 16m greenhouse providing up to 480sqm of rain area. The tanks are full and were installed in April 2021. They also provide misting to the greenhouse to keep cool in summer when needed.
The greenhouse holds approximately 500 early producing blueberries in bags with drippers for irrigation and a 2 metre x 28 metre bench with approximately 1,500 smaller blueberries ready to be put into bags, or in the field. Outside the greenhouse in a pad that has been built up for future greenhouses, are another 400 blueberries, in bags and with drippers for irrigation.
There are 1,200 raspberries which were planted outside last year and are now looking close to be of commercial viability
There are 4 fields of strawberries and based on last year’s reported yields of over 24 tonne, there is still room for expansion with two new fields prepared and stock available for planting once you take over the farm. You could be an owner of one of the most stunning parcels of land in Barjarg, growing highly sought after fruit with the setup challenges, 3 years of becoming certified, sourcing inputs and delivery routes already done for you.
There is a container for packing where up to 8 people can pack fruit and the 6 pallet 3phase coolroom is easily accessed.
The three phase 20’ container reefer stores the processing fruit which the owners are cultivating a larger market for as icecreameries and gelato wholesalers have had great results with the fruit.
The farm is in a uniquely most picturesque setting, right from the entrance as your drive down the lane gives you a magnificent view of Lake Nillahcootie. The house site has uninterrupted 180 degree views of Lake Nillahcootie, Samaria and the Strathbogie ranges. You will never lose your view or be built out.
With many trees planted, including English Oaks, Algerian Oaks, stunning October Glories, Norway Maples, Ginkos, Claret Ash, Liquid Ambers, the visual impact is simply stunning. The hundreds of native grevillea, callistemon, banksia and eucalypts planted has brought back many birds to the property which were lost over time.
This farm was started with the view of retirement, but family circumstances have seen them having to make decisions that mean a move to be close to loved ones now needed.
The property is for sale by 'Openn Negotiation', which is an online auction with flexible terms (including a finance condition if approved by the sellers). Contact us now to register as a buyer, and we will help you with the process. With the current market conditions we felt this would achieve the best result for our sellers while giving all buyers the same information and opportunity to purchase the property in a transparent environment.